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    What servers are you looking forward to playing?

    If you're someone that likes to play with friends and random people on servers what would be your ideal server? Is it survival, PVP, factions, or something else? Explain why below.
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    Fanmade Hytale Trailer by Minimilian and some Pictures

    I'm excited for the new adventure. The new since of WOW, exploration, and more importantly the completely customizable server!
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    Beta or Pre-User of Hytale Rank

    You're only able to have one rank, and it's based off of your role. So you'd be unable to switch it out with something as you can with badges. If you gain a level from newbie to the next one, or get a helping role, etc. So I think I'll keep it with badges as you can still show it off :)
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    We now have custom made smilies made by myself and my S/O :love::blush:

    We now have custom made smilies made by myself and my S/O :love::blush:
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    New Audio/Ambiance Hytale Snippet

    oh my word this is spectacular! The fact that you will be able to sit next to the fire, hearing the crackles whilst listening to the water hit the roof is just mesmerizing. I brought up how much I absolutely love the sound already in the game, and the fact that no alpha has the right to have...
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    Suggest Guilds

    I really like that, I'll work on adding it prior to the launch of the game :)
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    What are you most excited about with Hytale?

    The ambiance is absolutely amazing. I stated that in the last video I made. Both the natural noise of everything and the wildlife look absolutely spectacular. This game has so many small features in it that you never noticed Minecraft was missing until now imo. I've never played a game where I...
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    Hi I'm Water

    Hello Water :) Glad to have you here and looking forward to seeing you around! My goal for this is to have as much stuff for people as possible. Kind of what PlanetMinecraft did a while ago. We already have a complete marketplace so, as a developer you could sell your services and everything :)...
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    Xyphien Here

    I guess I should make an introduction as well :) I'm Xyphien, I've been a webmaster since 2009. After blowing out my knee on deployment I decided to sit back and create my own business around web design, and game development. Moving onto Hytale I first saw this game years ago during their...
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    Hello and welcome :D Glad to have you join, and how does it feel to be the first official member of the forums :O I like discord for instant messaging, but imo nothing beats a good ol' forum. Especially if there's a lot of other stuff to do in it! I'm glad to have you here, and really hope to...
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    Supernatural Network looking for Builders

    Supernatural Network will be an MMO and as such we're looking dedicated, high quality builders to help us develop the server when Hytale releases. You must have pictures of previous builds you've made in other games so we can determine if your style is something we're looking for or not.
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    Supernatural Network

    Supernatural Network will be an MMO with amazing features such as the ability to play as a Vampire, Necromancer, Werewolf, Ghoul, Demon, Priest, Witchhunter, Elemental, Siren, Shade, and or a Hag. Each class having it's own unique skills, skill tree, passives, and unique story driven quest. This...
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    What are you most excited about with Hytale?

    As the title suggests what are you the most excited about with Hytale? Is it the RPG aspect of the game? The endless customization options with the game or something else?