Hytale Place

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Xyphien Here


I guess I should make an introduction as well :) I'm Xyphien, I've been a webmaster since 2009. After blowing out my knee on deployment I decided to sit back and create my own business around web design, and game development. Moving onto Hytale I first saw this game years ago during their trailer and fell in love with it, the fact that you'll be able to code everything built into the game with no restrictions excited me as I'll be able to work with my coding buddy to create a dream game I've been working on, on MC but can revolutionize it on Hytale.

As for why I decided to make Hytale Place I've been a huge fan of PlanetMinecraft since day one, because of that my goal is to create something similar, yet modern. I want something that encompasses everything anyone will ever need for Hytale, and to have it all on one central site. The home for all things Hytale, I don't simply want a forum, a marketplace, etc. I want to have everything players, content creators, server owners, etc. will be able to utilize at any given time and as such decided to create Hytale Place. I feel I'm still far from the goal, but I'm hoping throughout the time of working on this, the users will be giving me ideas and suggestions along the way to improve and add even more to the site!