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Hytale Place is here to provide a fun, welcoming, and friendly community for everyone of all ages. HP has people of all ages on here, and as such we need to make sure we're keeping content rated E for Everyone. These rules are to be followed on the entire site, to include private messaging and the use of the marketplace.

Overall Rules:
  • Be nice and respectful - We're all trying to have fun and do various things with Hytale. Don't ruin someone's fun and day by saying anything hateful or hurtful.
  • User common sense - If you think what you're going to say may be against the rules, even if it's not clearly stated in the rules don't post it. We have some unspoken rules that are just common sense.
  • No promotion outside of the selected sections - Do not post any promotions outside of the selected areas. You can have a 468x60 server banner in your signature linking to your promotion thread but that's it.
  • Signature Rules - Signatures are allowed 1 link, and 1 image that MUST be smaller than 468x60. Anything larger than that will be removed and you will be issued a warning.
  • Remain on topic - Threads/posts are titled for a reason, don't get off topic in a sections. Move to another section or create a new thread if you'd like to talk about something that's not in the current topic.
  • No Spamming - Spamming is considered anything that doesn't give to the conversation, posting the same thing on various different posts, single - few word posts, and others.
  • No double posting - We have a system that will auto merge double/triple/etc. posts, however doing so is still against the rules.
  • Abide by the Developers Rules/Terms - This site is a fan site of Hytale, however we still follow the Hytale ToS and you must too. Anything against their ToS will be against ours as well.
  • Report Content - There's a report button on every post, and topic. Please click that instead of making a post calling someone out for breaking the rules.
  • No profanity/cussing/cursing - This is a family friendly website and as such there shall be no use of profanity on the site what so ever.
  • Not Hatespeech/flaming/etc. - This ties in with being nice, do not use any hatespeech, or flame someone else on the site, to include private messages.
  • No illegal content - We do not tolerate any illegal activity, as well as adult activity on the website. This includes content that may be legal in your area that isn't legal in most others. Alcohol and other content that is considered adult shouldn't be discussed here either.
  • Bumping threads - You're not allowed to make any posts to specifically bump a thread. There's a bump thread button in the sections that need it, and you're allowed to do that once every 12 hours for normal accounts and 6 hours for paid accounts.
  • You're Responsible - Changes in the rules happen, and it is up to you to keep up to date on them. We will try our best to notify you of any changes but it is still your responsivity to keep up to date on the rules. As well as you're responsible for anything that happens on your account. If your baby brother's twice remove niece happens to log onto your account and break 10 rules it is still on you, and your account will be punished.

Marketplace Rules:
  • Uploading content - Anyone's able to upload free content to the marketplace as long as their account is in good standing.
  • 18+ to sell content - In order to sell content you must be 18 years or older. No account under 18 will be allowed to sell anything on the website.
  • No off site selling - all sales, to include hourly services must be purchased through the website and not through any third party usage or off site sales.
  • We are not responsible - The marketplace is operated by individuals and we have no control over other peoples actions. Please use the marketplace with care, and if any scams do occur contact us immediately. We cannot issue refunds, but we can ban the user from doing anything like that again.
  • Service Offers - If you're charging hourly, simply have the client purchase a single package first for a down payment, and then purchase it again for every hour it took to create the service.
  • No malicious content - Malicious content is strictly prohibited. You will be instantly permanently banned, and if applicable the authorities will be contacted.
  • Our Charges to Sell - We do NOT charge an upfront fee to sell anything on the marketplace, however we do take 20% of the sale to help support and fund the website.

If you'd like to start selling on the marketplace please send us an email HERE with the title "18+ Account" we will get back to you as quickly as possible to ensure your account is given the ability to use the marketplace after a few verification steps.

Warnings & Bans:

We hold the right to issue out warnings & bans as we see fit. Some cases will result in a few warnings (Max of 3) and others may result in an instant and permanent ban. This is at the discretion of the HP staff, or Hytale Staff. Smaller, more minor rule breaks to include accidents may result in a warning, however large rule breaks can and most times will lead to an instant ban.

If you'd like to appeal your ban on your account you can do so by sending us a message HERE
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