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What are you most excited about with Hytale?


As the title suggests what are you the most excited about with Hytale? Is it the RPG aspect of the game? The endless customization options with the game or something else?
Ambiance. The pathing of AI & just soaking in the ambiance of wildlife.

Also getting "Homesick", to explain this, there is a Developer on Hytale who used to program for EverQuest, an MMO so vast & deep that it set the precident for MMOs everywhere, in EQ it had Zones (like Hytale), one Snow Zone was called Hallas, spent so much time in that Zone that when I revisted my characters Hometown of Kelethin (Wood Elf Tree Village) that I started to yearn to go back to Hallas, so I ended up making my makeshift/permanent Home of Halas.

The thing is though, there was a very specific gully & mountain where certain Snow Wolves mobs were, but the rushing of the cool "arctic" breeze & the music, I sat there for Hours sometimes just taking in the ambiance, observing the activity & occasionally send my pet to attack, stopping at the Town only occasionally to resupply then off again to the spot.

Here is an example of the ambiance am talking about.



Now, with Hytale having a Snow Zone & Kweebec Tree Village, I'm sure the Zones will create a "Homesick" feeling in players, where they are drawn back to a Zone, a particular area etc & with Hytale already having a good Music score, will add to the immersion or at least compliment the ambiance.
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The ambiance is absolutely amazing. I stated that in the last video I made. Both the natural noise of everything and the wildlife look absolutely spectacular. This game has so many small features in it that you never noticed Minecraft was missing until now imo. I've never played a game where I got homesick in any biome but it would be a cool feeling to experience it!