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Suggest Guilds

Hi Xyphien,

Thought to throw this suggestion your way, (out at the moment)

Suggest Guilds, example

Hytale Builders Guild
Hytale Farmers Guild
Hytale Artisans Guild

When you click these, they could have a description, example

Artisans Guild - For people with a creative touch

The above titles could go down the list like the other links.

Also, sub sections of the link once clicked.

Hytale Builders Guild
-Builders Wiki (This could have all things build blocks, creations related?)
-Builders tips & tricks

This being its own section, could be like a hub where Builders in Hytale can talk, share their craft with like minded individuals (as well as the other crafts/Guilds respectively)

This in turn will create a Hub of people in the Guilds thus the sections LF Builders can be complimented as people who specialise or enjoy their craft can glance over to the LF Builder section, & in turn the LF Builder section is still its own section & clear to see while not clogging up the Builders Guild.

The LF Group section is good for it's like a Notice Board (like in-game Towns)

Will try to create a diagram to better show/explain when have some time.
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