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Welcome Guest! We've noticed you haven't joined yet :O If you'd like to join this amazing community, we have a lot to offer for our users! You can upload your server to our very own server list, buy and sell plugins, scripts, graphics , etc. on our marketplace and TONS more! It's free to do and takes just a few steps!

Rules & Information MUST READ

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About the Server List:
The server list section is for those who wish to promote their servers on Hytale Place. This is easy, and isn't weighed against new servers like most server listing sites. It's easy to post, post you server banner, the IP to your server, and any information you'd like to. At the bottom there will be an example of what it should look like. You can sticky a post to the top of the server list for just $30 a month. Prices will go up as the site gets more popular. You can buy this by private messaging @Xyphien


  • Do NOT post to bump. Doing so will result in a warning, and then a ban from being able to post in the servers.
  • You're allowed to bump your post once ever 12 hours. VIP members can bump their post once every 6 hours for just $5 a month. SEE HERE
  • Do not comment anything bad on a server without proof.
  • Do not have someone you know post on your post to bump up your post. This counts as posting to bump.
  • 1 Post per server.



IP: Supernatural.Network:6660​

Supernatural Network is a MMO Hytale server that allows you to play as custom classes such as Werewolves, Vampires, Necromancers, Ghouls, Demons, Witchhunters, Hags, Sirens, Angels, and more! With full quests, unique skill tree line for every class, and more this server offers something unique for everyone.
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