Hytale Place

Welcome Guest! We've noticed you haven't joined yet :O If you'd like to join this amazing community, we have a lot to offer for our users! You can upload your server to our very own server list, buy and sell plugins, scripts, graphics , etc. on our marketplace and TONS more! It's free to do and takes just a few steps!

Hi I'm Water


Hi I'm water and I'm a developer. Looking forward if this blows up or if Hytale will make something official :D + There is also HytaleHub which exists for some while now. But I think hytale.place sounds better than hytalehub.com


Hello Water :) Glad to have you here and looking forward to seeing you around! My goal for this is to have as much stuff for people as possible. Kind of what PlanetMinecraft did a while ago. We already have a complete marketplace so, as a developer you could sell your services and everything :) a server list for when the game comes out and constanty looking for more things to add :D