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Beta or Pre-User of Hytale Rank


Hi @Xyphien,

I have a really nice Idea, you could give all Members who are ACTIVE in this forum and who joins BEFORE the game actually releases a Beta Rank or another special rank.
Because then the people have something to claim and other people know that you were here before Official Hytale Release.

Thanks for Reading!

Kind regards,



Edit: Just saw the "First Arrival" Badge, a rank would be nice tho hehe
You're only able to have one rank, and it's based off of your role. So you'd be unable to switch it out with something as you can with badges. If you gain a level from newbie to the next one, or get a helping role, etc. So I think I'll keep it with badges as you can still show it off :)
Everyone wanted a Beta version - but the creators prefer to give players something they are sure of themselves. We'll probably wait a little longer