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    Do you have any pet?

    If so, please share with the community
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    Let's count to a million

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    What games are you currently playing?

    I recently played Disco Elysium - a very addictive and addictive game I've refreshed Fallout Tactics - however, this spin-off isn't as good as the other isometric parts I have been playing EVE Online for many years Of course, I play Minecraft
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    Hytale OST - Adventure and Chill

    Great music and I like this world so much! It will be a brilliant game
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    Hi to everyone

    I found you on Google, maybe even on the front page. I just typed "Hytale forum" or "Hytale thread forum" - one of these because I tried both phrases
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    Beta or Pre-User of Hytale Rank

    Everyone wanted a Beta version - but the creators prefer to give players something they are sure of themselves. We'll probably wait a little longer
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    What servers are you looking forward to playing?

    Of course with PvP, but with some restrictions on what you can do to new players. Community can be great, but it can also be malicious. Lots of space and some clear navigation system
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    Hi I'm Water

    I think we all have to make every effort to make this forum grow - then the marketplace will make more sense
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    Hi to everyone

    Hello everyone - I'm probably the newest user here, and I appeared because I like Hypixel and recently it's been quite loud about Hytal in the gaming environment