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Hello Everyone! This post will explain to anyone who is interested in selling either their websites, scripts, plugins, themes, etc. on our website. It's quite easy, however I feel some people might not know how to, or if you were able to do this at all in the first place! Firstly you're going to need an account on f Webmaster.Place this takes around 2-5 minutes or so to fully complete. Next you need to make your way over to the resource section of the forum. This can be done by either...
Hytale Place is here to provide a fun, welcoming, and friendly community for everyone of all ages. HP has people of all ages on here, and as such we need to make sure we're keeping content rated E for Everyone. These rules are to be followed on the entire site, to include private messaging and the use of the marketplace. Overall Rules: Be nice and respectful - We're all trying to have fun and do various things with Hytale. Don't ruin someone's fun and day by saying anything hateful or...